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Mason Grove Farm with Live Oak Nest Bamboo Cleansing Pads and Caddy

Hi friends! Today I’m going to share something new with you that I am so excited about and honored to be a part of! I am a founding brand partner with Mason Grove farm!

Mason Grove Farm Online Mercantile

Mason Grove Farm is a farm to home lifestyle brand that gives women and families the opportunity to own their own boutique and online mercantile showcasing beautiful handmade, fair trade product lines! You can shop my online mercantile for clean skin care, apothecary, home decor, and baby and puppy lines!

Mason Grove Farm Sourcing

Scott and Angie are the founders of Mason Grove Farm and they have such a heart for God and family. With shared values and design aesthetic, I look at Mason Grove Farm an extension of Live Oak Nest! I couldn’t be more excited about this partnership and all the wonderful products that I’ll be able to share with you! You can click here to browse my online mercantile!

Mason Grove Farm Clean And Pure Skincare

We launched about a month ago with our clean and pure skincare line and I absolutely LOVE it! I’ve waited several weeks to share it with you because I wanted to be able to use everything for a good amount of time and be able to provide my honest feedback! It’s so important to me that you know I only share brands and products that I know, love, and trust. And I love the Mason Grove Farm brand and community so much that I chose to become a founding partner with them!

With that being said, I can’t say enough good things about our skincare. If clean and pure skin care is important to you, you will absolutely love ours! I have very sensitive skin and I’m always trying to limit and remove toxins in our home and in my families bodies! The pure, clean ingredients in our products have absolutely changed my skin for the better. The tone and texture of my skin has improved dramatically. I was using a pretty clean skin care line prior to Mason Grove Farm so I was actually surprised to see such a huge improvement!

Farm To Skin Mason Grove Farm with Live Oak Nest

Mason Grove Farm Skincare Routine

Our skincare line contains a two step cleansing process plus a toner and a hydrating lotion/balm! That’s it! No eight step process over here! You can easily make time for this skincare routine morning and night for radiant, beautiful skin. I also want to share that each product in our skincare collection will last at least 60 days!

We have a Friends and Save program that allows you to become a friend of the farm, and set up an auto shipment with any frequency you like! It’s free to join the program, saves you 10%, and all orders over $99 ship free! You can always modify your orders and ship dates and cancel at any time!

Four Step Cleansing System

  1. Start with our cleansing oil. I like to take a warm washcloth and run it over my face to help open up my pores before I apply the cleansing oil. I pour about a quarter size amount of cleansing oil into my palm and then work it into my face. Then I use my warm wash cloth to gently remove the cleansing oil.
  2. Next I splash a little warm water on my face and rub the goat milk soap bar directly on my skin. Then I lather in the goat milk soap and rinse.
  3. I use a cotton ball to apply our blue tansy ph balancing toner all over my face.
  4. Then I apply our facial balm or blue dream night cream to my skin.
Yanahli Facial System Mason Grove Farm

That is the skincare routine I follow morning and night! If I have any trouble spots arise, I use our Spot Fix to help clear them up overnight! I also apply the Spearmint Lip Balm to my lips morning and night and I LOVE this lip balm!

I also love our vanilla honey clay mask and you can even get it in this cute little mask and bowl bundle set that includes a mixing bowl along with a spoon and brush!

Clean Organic  Skin Care from Mason Grove Farm

In this video, I’m going to share a little bit more about Mason Grove Farm, and show you the products in our clean skin care line and how I use them!

Mason Gove Farm
Clean Skin Care Line Video

Mason Grove Farm, Pure Skincare, Work from Home Mom with Toddler, Daily Skincare Essentials Routine

I also have to mention our Collagen. It includes all five types of collagen, the amino acids that help collagen absorption, and so many other wonderful ingredients to help with brain and gut health. I think everyone should be taking a collagen supplement, and I believe ours is the best there is!

Collagen Plus for Brain and Gut Health from Mason Grove Farm
Collagen Plus from Mason Grove Farm for Gut Health, Brain and Mood, Stress, Hormones, Skin and Hair, Inflamation, Energy, and Detox

You cam click here to browse our online catalog and read all about each of our products!

So what’s on the horizon? In July we will be launching our puppy line, so if you love your furbabies you will want to be on the lookout! Our home decor collection will launch in August, and as much as I love home decor, you already know how excited I am for that! Following those collections will be our loveable baby line, which will be launching in September!

I’m so honored to be a part of Mason Grove Farm. I hope you head on over and take a peek at my online mercantile! If you have any questions, would love to try our products, or want to be a part of this heartfelt community, please reach out! You can comment below or email me directly at kayla@liveoaknest.com ! I’d love to send samples your way or share more about this opportunity and brand!

Mason Grove Farm with Live Oak Nest

I’d love for you to say hello down below and let me know what you think! And if we’re not friends over on Facebook or Instagram, what are you waiting for?! ☺️

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Kayla C.

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