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French Inspired DIY Vase with Free Floral Gift Tags and Vintage Art Prints from Live Oak Nest

French Inspired DIY Vase

The end of school is in full swing so I whipped up a little something for my kid’s teachers. I decided to give them a gift card to one of their favorite places, but I wanted to include a little something special to go along with it.

I have been saving these cute little glass jelly jars for a while, and I knew they would make the perfect little vase for a wildflower bouquet.

French Inspired DIY Vase Video Tutorial

French Inspired DIY Vase with Free Vintage Art Prints, Simple Fresh Floral Bouquet

How to Use Etching Cream on Glass Jars

After I removed the old jar labels, I decided to add a French inspired label to each jar using Etching Cream. I used the Cafe Chocolat stencil from A Maker’s Studio.

If you have not used Etching cream before, let this be your sign to add it to your craft supplies. It is so easy to work with and so fun to do!

A Maker’s Studio

Stencils & Etching Cream

Start by making sure your glass jar is nice and clean. I used a little Goo Gone to clean off the sticky residue from the labels and then washed them with warm soapy water. Press your reusable mesh stencil onto the jar, making sure it adheres really well. You don’t want any of the product seeping under the stencil.

Use a paintbrush to apply the etching cream, making sure to use a liberal amount. Once your design is completely covered, carefully remove your stencil. Once removed, wash the stencil with warm soapy water.

Allow the Etching Cream to sit on the glass for another 15-30 minutes so the etching cream to do its job. When ready, run the glass under water to rinse off the product. Once all of the product is removed, you will see your beautiful design etched right into the glass!

French Inspired DIY Vase with Free Printable Gift Tags from Live Oak Nest

Free Floral Gift Tag Printable Download

After I applied the etching cream, I trimmed out my pretty, floral tags. I used FreePrints to print these tags along with a few others. They are 4×6 prints that I glued onto cardstock and then trimmed down to 2×3 tags. (You can see my process in the video tutorial above.)

Sign up for my Free Digital Download Libray to download these free floral gift tags + more beautiful downloads! Once you sign up, you’ll receive an e-mail with the password you need to access all the downloads.

Pretty Prints & More

Free Digital Downloads

    After you log into my freebie library, simply save the images to your phone and then select them from your camera roll when you open the FreePrints mobile app. Please remember all of the graphics and art prints that I’ve designed for you are for personal use only.

    If you want to try them out, use my code LIVEOAKNEST44 for 15 free 4×6 prints plus FREE shipping.

    If you are new to FreePrints they are an online photo printing company that you access right from your mobile phone. Simply download the app and select the photos you want to print from your camera roll. Once ordered, FreePrints will print your photos and ship them right to your door! It is so easy and convenient. And you have access to FREE photos every single month!


    Free Photo Prints

    Download Freeprints App!

    To secure the floral gift tags to the jars, I tied them onto the gingham ribbon with a small piece of twine. Then tied the gingham ribbon into a bow. This helped the tags hang down nicely from the ribbon.

    To finish them off, I stuck a plastic pick card holder down into each vase and slipped in this sweet “Thank You For Helping Us Bloom!” card along with a giftcard. This card is also available to download for free in my Free Digital Download Library.

    Thank You For Helping Us Bloom Free Floral Bouquet Digital Download from Live Oak Nest

    Do you like how these came together? I love how they turned out and I think these would be so cute to use at each place setting for a Spring tablescape. I’ll keep collecting these jars and I’m sure I’ll recreate this project later on!

    Free Vintage Art Prints

    I also printed up a few vintage art prints with my FreePrints order. You can find this beautiful sheep print along with the Psalms 91 print in my Free Digital Downloads Library.

    I’m really into vintage art right and I love this sheep print paired with the Psalms 91 verse. You might remember seeing these frames that I used last year in this DIY Spring decor ideas blog post. I put pressed flowers into the frames last Spring and loved how they looked but I enjoyed switching them up this year.

    These brass photo frames with stands sell out quickly, so grab them if you love them!

    French Country Cottage Home Decor Inspiration, Free Vintage Art Prints, Free Sheep Art Digital Download from Live Oak Nest

    Free Vintage Art Prints, Stationery & More

    You can find all of the art prints and gift tags from today’s post and video tutorial in my Free Digital Downloads Library.

    To download the images and use them for your free photo prints from FreePrints, follow these step-by-step instructions.

    Step-by-Step Instructions

    • Join my Free Digital Downloads Library
    • Check your e-mail to confirm your subscription.
    • Once confirmed, you will receive an e-mail with the password you need to access the library.
    • Log in to my Free Digital Downloads library with that password.
    • Find the images you want to use and download them. If you are on your phone, click the image you want to download and save the photo to your camera roll. If you are on your computer, save the image to your computer, then airdrop them to your phone. Or e-mail them to yourself, open your e-mail on your phone and save them to your camera roll that way.
    • Open the FreePrints app, and select the images you want to print from your camera roll.
    • Once you place the order, FreePrints will print the images and ship them right to your door!

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