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DIY Stencil Home Decor, Painted Chic Frame DIY, Bird Stencil, Bird Nest Decor from Live Oak Nest

Welcome back to my home! I’m so excited to share several pretty DIYs with you today.

All of the following projects were made using A Makers’ Studio Winter Maker Box! A few of the projects have a Valentine’s look to them, but I also did a few projects that make me eager for Spring!

  • Painted Chic Frame DIY
  • DIY Valentines Wreath Idea
  • DIY Lotion Bar Tutorial
  • DIY Stencil Gift Bags
  • Free Floral Art Print
A Makers’ Studio

Winter Maker Box

I LOVE these Maker Boxes because they give me an opportunity to try out new products and learn new skills in the process. This box was no different!

Pretty Winter Craft Ideas Video Tutorial

Pretty Winter Craft Ideas, DIY Stencil Home Decor, Pretty Valentine Craft Ideas from Live Oak Nest

Painted Chic Frame DIY

Up first, let’s pretty up this adorable scallop picture frame that comes in the Winter Maker Box. I LOVE anything scalloped so I was smitten as soon as I opened the box and found this beautiful frame.

The box comes with recipe cards so you can follow along and make the projects exactly as shown, or you can change it up and do a little something different to better suit your own style. I did a little of both on this painted chic frame DIY.

I did paint the frame white and use the same stencil, but I also added some texture and paint layers to my frame and then opted to use the script stencil sparingly.

How To Add Texture With Paint

To add the texture and the layers without sanding in between paint coats, I used a palette knife! In my first two solid coats of paint, I applied the paint heavily and didn’t smooth it out as I went. As the paint began to dry, I would drag my brush over the paint to add texture. Repeat this process a few times and the texture will build up nicely!

Once you have a good base layer of texture, use a palette knife to add additional colors. The palette knife will drag across the top surface and it gives a beautiful finish. Keep layering on your paint until you reach your desired look!

I used my stencil to add the pretty script font to a few places on the frame, and then went back in with a little more paint on my palette knife to fade out some of the areas and help me achieve an old worn look.

Painted Chic Frame DIY, Bird Art, Mesh Stencils from A Makers' Studio, Simple Spring Art, Scallop Wood Frame from Live Oak Nest
DIY Stencil Home Decor, Painted Picture Frame from Live Oak Nest

I love how the finish turned out. The added texture and layers of colors add a worn look to the frame, and the gold adds a little glimmer!

I did take some 120 grit sandpaper as my last step to slightly sand down the rim of the frame.

For the photo insert, I cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit the frame and then used the Birds and Berries Stencil to paint on the sweet little bird.

Do you love the look of this? This scalloped frame is DARLING and I love that I can pop out the art and put in something else whenever the mood strikes!

DIY Valentines Wreath Ideas

Next up is this pretty Valentine’s Day Wreath! I loved bringing this idea to life. It is simple and can easily be made using your favorite colors. Add in some red paint or keep it all neutral by removing the pinks!

DIY Valentines Wreath Ideas, Pretty Valentines Wreath Ideas from Live Oak Nest, French Country Cottage Home

All of the little wooden hearts were from Hobby Lobby. I pulled out my acrylic paints, mixed a few colors, and painted the hearts in varying shades of pink, grey, and gold. Once dry, I went back in and painted on some elements using one of the stencils in the Winter Maker Box. Did you see the old key stencil? I love that one!

DIY Heart Decor Ideas, Pretty Valentine Craft Ideas from Live Oak Nest, French Country Cottage Home

After all of my hearts were dry, I drilled holes into the tops, then added my ribbon. The ribbon was cut into sections and then I knotted a heart on each end. After I had all the hearts on the ribbon, I arranged them to my liking and then tied a loop around the center of the bundle and secured it to the grapevine wreath.

I added a caramel-colored velvet ribbon and the mauve cotton ribbon bow to complete this pretty Valentines wreath idea!

Pretty Valentines Wreath Ideas, Pretty DIY Heart Decor Ideas, DIY Valentines Decor and Crafts from Live Oak Nest, French Country Cottage Home

The colors, ribbons, and all of the different hearts look so pretty together! This Valentine’s wreath would look beautiful on your front door, over a mirror, or even over your headboard!

DIY Lotion Bar Tutorial

Okay…this winter craft turned out to be one of my favorites. These DIY Lotion Bars are so simple to make…and so fun! I loved this project so much, I already ordered more supplies so I can make some more. If you love this project as much as I did and want to order more supplies, here is what I ordered.

Shop Supplies

You can make four of the DIY Lotion Bars with the supplies that come in the Winter Maker Box. I decided to wrap those up and include them as part of the Valentine’s Day gifts I made for my kiddo’s teachers.

DIY Lotion Bar Tutorial, Valentines Gift Ideas for Her, Valentines Gift Ideas for Teacher, DIY Stencil Gift Bags from Live Oak Nest, French Country Cottage Home

To make these DIY Lotion bars, simply take 4 ounces of beeswax, 4 ounces of shea butter, and 4 ounces of coconut oil then melt those together using a double boiler. I used a glass pyrex dish inside of my saucepan to create my double boiler.

Once melted together, pour the mixture into a measuring cup and allow it to cool slightly. Then add your fragrance. You will receive a full bottle of Lavender Vanilla fragrance in the Winter Maker box and the recipe calls for the entire bottle.

If you are making more of these after the fact, use essential oils to add fragrance to your lotion bars. I use and love doTerra essential oils and plan to make my next batching using lavender and peppermint!

If you watch my video tutorial you will see that a couple of the little knobs popped off when I went to release the lotion bars. I believe that’s because I was a little too eager and tried to pop them out before they were good and ready. Next go-round, I’ll let them harden in the molds overnight before popping them out.

How fun are these DIY Lotion bars?! I loved including them as one of my pretty winter craft ideas because everyone needs extra moisture in the winter and they make perfect little gifts for neighbors, teachers, and friends!

When you make something yourself, you know exactly what’s in it. These lotion bars contain clean ingredients, especially when using essential oils, and you don’t have to worry about them going rancid. They will keep good for up to a year!

DIY Stencil Gift Bags

After I packaged up my DIY Lotion bars into the cellophane bags, I decided to slip them down into a cloth baggie. You can grab these on Amazon or at your local craft store.

To add a little detail, I decided to stencil a little artwork onto each one. I used a few stencils from the Winter Maker Box and then this Butterflies and Grasshoppers Stencil. I painted the artwork on using Gel Art Ink in the color Hold Your Horses. This ink can be heat set with an iron!

Aren’t they so cute?! I also made a little gift tag for each bag using some scrapbook paper I had on hand and the Bee Mine stencil.

DIY Stencil Gift Bags, DIY Stencil Home Decor, DIY Gift Tags from Live Oak Nest, French Country Cottage Home
DIY Stencil Gift Bags, Butterfly Stencil, A Makers' Studio, Mesh Stencil, DIY Stencil Home Decor from Live Oak Nest

Free Floral Art Print

To wrap up the teacher’s gifts, I designed and printed off some rose art prints. Once trimmed, I clipped them onto these turquoise photo clips with a gift card.

Free Floral Art Print, Valentines Gift Ideas for Her, Valentines Gift Ideas for Teacher from Live Oak Nest, French Country Cottage Home

You can download the Set of 8, Rose Art Prints, by heading over to my Free Digital Downloads Library. Once there, simply sign up for my e-mail list and the password to access the library will be sent to your inbox!

Want free digital art downloads?

Click below to join my email list to access the full library.

And now my kids Valentine’s day teacher gifts are complete. I think these turned out so pretty and I hope the teachers will love them as much as I do!

Pretty Winter Craft Ideas

What was your favorite pretty winter craft idea? I really love how the scalloped frame turned out, but I also really love that I learned how to make the DIY Lotion Bars!

I’d love for you to say hello down below and let me know what you think! And if we’re not friends over on Facebook or Instagram, what are you waiting for?! ☺️

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Kayla C.

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