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Doorknob Bottle Brush Trees, Mini Christmas Tree from Live Oak Nest. www.liveoaknest.com

Door Knob Bottle Brush Tree

Welcome to another adorable bottle brush tree Christmas craft! Bottle brush trees are so cute. You can stick them in just about anything and they would look adorable!

I had thrifted several rusty metal doorknobs a while back and I thought they would be so cute painted. I made this exact same craft last year, but I used white glass doorknobs. You can see that DIY Mini Christmas Tree Crafts here.

If you don’t have any old metal doorknobs, keep an eye out at thrift stores and flea markets. Once you start looking for them, you’ll start seeing them everywhere when you’re out thrifting. If you want to purchase some similar to mind, I’ve linked some on Etsy!

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DIY Doorknob Bottle Brush Tree Video

Watch this video to see how I made these DIY Doorknob Bottle Brush Trees.

DIY French Christmas Tree, DIY Velvet Christmas Trees, Photo Prints Christmas Crafts

How-to Door Knob Bottle Brush Trees

  • Start by spay painting then with a coat of gold spray paint.
  • Next, mix a one part water to one part vinegar in a spray bottle. You wont need much.
  • Take your water/vinegar mixture and give your doorknob a light dusting.
  • Take you Looking Glass Spray Paint and mist it on top of the vinegar. The vinegar will cause the Looking Glass Spray not to adhere.
  • Take a dry paper towel and gently dab up the vinegar water that has puddled on the doorknob. You’ll notice that the gold color is now showing through where the vinegar water was sitting.
  • Repeat as many times as you’d like until they are to your liking.
  • Once dry, add on a little antique glaze to give them a nice patina.
  • Pop the little wooden base off your bottle brush trees.
  • Apply a generous amount of hot glue into the doorknob screw hole. You might have to do this several times to fill the hole. Once it’s pretty full of glue, you can add in the bottle brush and apply hot glue all around the base.
  • Finish it off by adding a cute little ribbon!
Doorknob Bottle Brush Trees, Mini Christmas Tree from Live Oak Nest. www.liveoaknest.com

Doorknob Bottle Brush Tree

I love these little trees so much! I used the white glass ones I made as part of a Christmas tablescape and had one at each placesetting. It was so cute! You can also use them in Christmas vignettes, under a cloche, on bookshelves, etc. Tuck them in anywhere you want to add a little Christmas cheer!

Doorknob Bottle Brush Trees, Mini Christmas Tree Craft from Live Oak Nest. www.liveoaknest.com

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