Come on over and see my front porch summer refresh that includes a new vinyl mat from V-Mat and a freshly painted door!

Front Porch Summer Refresh, Tall Sitting Rabbit Statue from Live Oak Nest

Front Porch Summer Refresh, Front Door Makeover

Summer is coming to a close, but I managed to squeeze in a little refresh before I decorate for Fall!

I have been contemplating painting our front door since we moved in and I finally bit the bullet and did it! I LOVE how it turned out. It helps break up all the cedar we have on the front of the house. And you probably know by now a good sage color is one of my very favorite colors so that’s what I went with.

Sage Green Painted Front Door

I love using Jolie Paint so I mixed a few colors together and gave the door a solid coat. But the tannins in the wood were bleeding through since it had never been sealed. I initially thought it was my topcoat yellowing but after asking some friends online, I determined it was in fact the tannins pulling through.

So to stop the bleed through, I went back and painted the door with a coat of Zinsser Stain Blocking Primer. And then I decided to have my Jolie paint color, color matched at Sherwin Williams in an exterior paint. That way I only had to paint it again and not have to worry about panting it and then also sealing it.

I mixed equal parts of French Blue and Sage, both Jolie paint colors, to get this beautiful blue/green sage color.

Real Touch Seeded Eucalyptus Wreath, Painted Front Door, Gold Welcome Plaque from Live Oak Nest
Front Door Window Panes

For the window panes I decided to not tape them. After a lot of googling it seemed like the easiest option was to go back with a straight razor to scrape the dried paint off. So that’s what I did and it worked out really well! The front side of the glass is rippled so it was a bit of a challenge removing the paint on the outside, but the inside is flat so it went very quickly.

Front Door Welcome Plaque

Once the door was really dry, I hung the Welcome Home plaque back up. This was on the door before and I love how it pops with the sage background now. It was a Target find and from the Hearth and Hand Collection…I purchased it back in 2021 so I’m not able to link that exact one, but I did find some very similar that you can shop down below! I spray painted my plaque in gold/bronze color; it was originally black and white.

Front Door Refresh, V-Mat

V-Mat was kind enough to send me two of their vinyl mats to try out and I decided to place them at our front doors. We have our main front door, pictured below, and the door that leads into our garage. Their mats are made from vinyl so they are very easy to vacuum and wipe clean!

Front Porch Summer Refresh, Sage Green Front Door, Gold Welcome Plaque from Live Oak Nest

I really love the color and pattern of this mat too! They have so many colors and patterns to choose from. You can also create your own custom pattern or size if you need to!

Front Porch Summer Refresh, Vinyl Mat from V-mat, from Live Oak Nest

You can use the code DECOR15 to save 15% off your purchase!

Shop V-Mat

Save 15% with code: DECOR15

Front Porch Summer Refresh, Vinyl Mat, V-Mat from Live Oak Nest
Front Porch Summer Refresh from Live Oak Nest

I think these mats would be so awesome in a craft room or to use with kiddos for painting/kinetic sand/etc. They are just so easy to wipe clean, and thin enough to quickly roll up and store!

Front Porch Summer Refresh Accessories


I wanted to link my metal ribbed planter pots because I’m often asked where I purchased them from! I purchased mine from a local friend, but I’ve linked them for you. I love these planters! They are not sealed so you can either let them rust and patina over time or you can seal them! I have one that I am letting rust, and then I decided to seal the others. The inside of the planters were sprayed with Flex Seal and the outside with a polycrylic. I also drilled a few holes into the bottom of each one to allow for drainage.

Sitting Bunny Rabbit

This darling bunny rabbit has been around my home for several years… like over 10! It recently took a hard fall and lost an ear, but I was able to find a replacement! I purchased mine on Wayfair, but you can also find them on Amazon. and on Overstock. They tend to come in and out of stock, so if they are sold out when you look, keep checking back!

Tall Sitting Rabbit Statue with velvet ribbon from Live Oak Nest
Real Touch Eucalyptus Wreath

This real touch seeded eucalyptus wreath from Afloral is so good! I LOVE it for the Summer. It is on sale for $48 so grab it for next Spring…you won’t regret it! It looks so realistic and has held up great on my porch. I actually purchased two of these wreaths and the other one I hung on the blue shutters over my dining buffet.

Real Touch Seeded Eucalyptus Wreath, Painted Sage Front Door, Gold Welcome Plaque from Live Oak Nest

I hope you enjoyed this quick look at my Front Porch Summer Refresh! Now to pull out a fall wreath and wait impatiently for pumpkins to start showing up at Pumpkin Patches and grocery stores!

I’d love for you to say hello down below and let me know what you think! And if we’re not friends over on Facebook or Instagram, what are you waiting for?! ☺️

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Kayla C.

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    1. Thanks Linda! I actually put a tiny nail right into the middle of the wood window pane. I typically use command hooks, but after I painted my door they were not sticking for more than a few days so I put a nail in. But try command hooks first, they are so wonderful and I use them all over.. even to hang wreaths on mirrors!

  1. Love your front porch! So fresh and inspiring! Ive been wanting to use a color to pop the current, dated wooden door and I will use this post as a guide to find a similiar paint shade. Look forward to reading your other posts!

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