Come on over and see some of my favorite kitchen staples that I love and use daily to make feeding my family a little easier!

Live Oak Nest Summer Kitchen, Caraway Pots and Pans, Non Toxic Ceramic Cookware from Live Oak Nest

We eat almost all of our meals at home, so I spend a lot of time in our kitchen. Today, I’m sharing some of the things that make keeping my family fed a little bit easier! And hopefully, it will help you as well!

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Kitchen Staples, Caraway Cookware, Butcher Box, Berkey Water Filters

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Kitchen Staples: Caraway Pots and Pans

Let’s start with these non-toxic, ceramic pots and pans from Caraway. Caraway is cookware without the chemicals! If you are into clean and nontoxic living but need a nonstick pan, ceramic is a great option!

We previously had a stainless steel set, but my goodness we could not keep food from sticking no matter how much butter we used. My husband helps with the cooking around here and he could not handle the stainless steel pans any longer. So we sold that set and started using Caraway!

Kitchen Staples, Live Oak Nest Summer Kitchen, Caraway Pots and Pans, Non Toxic Ceramic Cookware from Live Oak Nest

Keep in mind you want to use wood or silicone utensils, cook on low to medium heat, and avoid aerosol cooking sprays. Also make sure you hand wash or pots and pans to keep them in great shape!

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They have so many beautiful color options to choose from. When you purchase a set, it includes the storage solutions as well, which is a set of magnetic bins for the pots/pans, and a lid caddy that hangs on a cabinet door.

If you are in the market for new pots and pans or you are looking for a cleaner, healthier option, consider Caraway! Use this link to shop and you’ll automatically save 10% at checkout!

Kitchen Staples, Live Oak Nest Summer Kitchen, Caraway Pots and Pans, Non Toxic Ceramic Cookware from Live Oak Nest

Kitchen Staples: Butcher Box

It’s important to me that I feed my family organic meat so when I learned of Butcher Box I was so excited to give it a try. Organic meat can be expensive and it’s also hard to find some cuts at our local grocery store.

With Butcher Box I simply pick out what items I want included in that months box and it ships to my doorstep! I can also cancel or pause my subscription whenever I want. You can select beef, poultry, fish, pork and other specialty items each month.

Everything we have tried tastes so delicious and you can’t beat how convenient it is. It’s also a little bit cheaper for us to purchase from Butcher Box than our local grocery stores.

My top picks from Butcher Box would be the frozen hamburger patties, ground beef, steaks, and the whole chicken. We rarely purchase meat from the store now and always have something to cook on hand in our freezer.

Kitchen Staples: Ninja Foodie Air Fryer

Net up, let’s talk about Air Fryers!

Have you jumped on the bandwagon and purchased an air fryer? We’ve had one for a few years now and I love them! They are so nice for roasting veggies, reheating meals, and cooking just about anything you want! I used to think they were only for fried food but that’s not the case. In fact, I rarely use ours for anything fried unless I am reheating my kids chicken nuggets!

I make a healthy version of waffles with my dash multi mini waffle maker each week and then pull out a few in the morning and reheat them in the fryer. They crisp up so nicely! You don’t have to worry about soggy leftovers with an air fryer!

I purchased this Ninja Foodie 10QT Air Fryer several months ago and I have loved using it! I love that I can cook meat in one basket and veggies in the other. And I can also program it to have the meat and veggies finish at the same time.

Ninja Foodie 10 QT Air Fryer, Berkey Water Filter, Live Oak Nest Summer Kitchen from Live Oak Nest

This exact version comes in a 10 qt or 8 qt. We have the 10qt and I honestly wouldn’t want a smaller one. The baskets are not that big in my opinion so I would definitely pick the 10QT again.

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I wanted the white exterior and the only place I could find the Ninja Foodie 10QT in white was on OVC, so that’s where I purchased ours. You can get the Ninja Foodie 10QT in charcoal on Amazon.

If you don’t have an air fryer or you are looking to upgrade, I highly recommend the make and model I have!

Kitchen Staples: Berkey Water Filter

Now, let’s talk about my new Berkey Water Filter! Prior to purchasing our Berkey, we were buying a few cases of bottled water every week. YIKES! I know bottled water is not the best option and we were going though sooooo many plastic bottles!

Kitchen Staples, Berkey Water Filter , Live Oak Nest Summer Kitchen from Live Oak Nest

Those two things alone have made the investment worth it! We are saving on bottled water, and now we are drinking clean, filtered, and purified water! Water I feel good about drinking and giving to my family!

I purchased the Big Berkey water filter and it has been a great size for my family of four. It holds about 2.25 gallons of water. I simply fill it up at night, and then we use it throughout the next day! I used it for just about everything…cooking, soaking produce, filling our dog’s water bowl, watering indoor plants, etc.

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I also have a couple of these pitchers that I fill up and keep in the fridge so we always have cold water. I keep one for plain water, and then I use one for fruit-infused water. You can purchase the little fruit infuser basket that fits into the pitcher here.

If you are going through bottled water like crazy or need a better solution to filtered water, look into a Berkey! Not all water filters are created equal either so if you’re using something like a Brita water filter, I highly recommend that you look into a Berkey!

Kitchen Staples: Instant Pot

The last thing I want to share is our Instant Pot. I love this and use it weekly! I use it mostly for roast, soups, steaming sweet potatoes, and cauliflower, and I also love to use it for boiled eggs.

When I’m cooking a full roast, I’ll sauté it using the sauté function and then add in my carrots, onions, and potatoes, and set it to pressure cook. And I’ll have a full roast cooked and ready to feed my family in about 60 minutes!

The Instant Pot is definitely one of those appliances that I really consider a staple. We use it so often and it has made preparing meals quick and easy!

Summer Vignette from Live Oak Nest,

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I know it is not my normal decor or DIY post, but I always enjoy sharing the things I love and the things I think you will love too! These kitchen staples have made my time in the kitchen a little easier and little healthier, so I thought I would share in case they could help you too!

I’d love for you to say hello down below and let me know what you think! And if we’re not friends over on Facebook or Instagram, what are you waiting for?! ☺️

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Kayla C.

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  1. Kayla, I always love to peek into other kitchens — this was neat to see!. I have one non-toxic pan similar to yours but it’s teeny tiny! 😂 I need to check out your recommendations — thanks for sharing!! 😍

  2. Hello Kayla, I love your kitchen floor mat! Where did you purchase it from? Thanks so much, Jan

  3. I have struggled wanting a Berkey for years! We drink so much water. I love that you have a good place for it. That’s my biggest worry. Where to put it.

    1. Hi Heather! I know, they can take up a lot of room! Ours won’t fit under the counter, but it kind of needs to be close to the counter edge anyway to access the spigot. At least they look nice though!

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