Come on over to see our boy girl twins bedroom makeover, including their new beds with Beddy’s bedding and Novilla mattresses!

Twin Bedroom Makeover Boy Girl Twin Room from Live Oak Nest

Hi yall! I’m so excited to share my boy girl twins bedroom makeover with y’all today. We originally planned to transition the twins to twin beds in our old townhome, but ended up deciding it would be better to wait until we moved.

Twins Bedroom Makeover

About a month after moving we decided it was go time! We thought that would probably be a little smarter than throwing so much change at them all at once. I was actually a little nervous that they might not want to sleep in their big beds. And of course we were worried about them rolling out of bed and also getting out of bed during naptimes and in the middle of the night.

But the transition has gone incredibly well! They could have cared less when we moved their cribs out. haha! Both of their little feet were hanging out of the ends of their mini cribs, so they were probably ready for a little more room anyway.

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Twin Bedroom Makeover Boy Girl Twin Room from Live Oak Nest

I ended up purchasing these bumpers to go on the beds, and they have been great. We haven’t had any issues with the kids rolling out of the beds.

Twin Bedroom Makeover with Novilla

For the mattresses, we chose these from Novilla. They have been perfect for the kids and I think they will last us a really long time! Our Novilla mattresses are supportive but cozy and they have a 10 year warranty. They are also very affordable, and if you have spent any time looking for a mattress, you know how expensive they can be. I also like that they can be used with or without a box spring.

You can use the code “Kayla” to save 17% off your purchase! Click here to shop!

Novilla Twin Mattress
Novilla Twin Mattress
Novilla Twin Mattress

Twin Bedroom Makeover Using Beddy’s

For the bedding, I decided to go with Beddy’s. Beddy’s are an investment, but after having them I can say that they are worth it! They are so convenient with kids and I feel like being able to zip them in at night, helps keep them from rolling out. They are so easy to wash and slip on. It is so easy to make the kids beds (they even help!) and they look so cute. We went with the Naturally Boho style!

If you are looking into purchasing Beddy’s, you can use this link to receive a $50 off coupon!

Beddy's Bedding, Boy Girl Shared Room from Live Oak Nest
Natural Boho Minky Beddy's Bedding
Natural Boho Minky Beddy's Bedding
Natural Boho Minky Beddy's Bedding

We LOVE the Beddy’s bedding. And I’m so glad I went with some neutral so they could semi match and I could pull in other colors. If you are looking for some blackout curtains that match this bedding, I found these from Target and they are almost identical! I couldn’t believe it!

Twin Bedroom Makeover with Pillow Fort From Target

I added in some color with some pillows and comforters from Target. This is the set I have on my little girls bed. And this is the set on my little boys bed. And here are the cute turquoise pillows with the tassels!

I also added this cute dinosaur and unicorn to their beds and they LOVE them!

Pillow Fort from Target, Boy Dinosaur Bedding from Live Oak Nest
Pillow Fort from Target, Girl Unicorn Bedding from Live Oak Nest
Twin Boy Girl Bedroom Makeover from Live Oak Nest

The room is looking a little bland right now, but hopefully I can work on their walls after the holidays. I’m wanting to do some bead board with a peg shelf on the wall behind their beds. And I’m thinking I want the bead board a sage green and then do a simple wallpaper or stencil above it. I also want to add a light over each bed. Wouldn’t that be cute?

I’d love for you to say hello down below and let me know what you think! And if we’re not friends over on Facebook or Instagram, what are you waiting for?! ☺️

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Kayla C.

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