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DIY French Christmas Tree, DIY Chippy Paint Finish from Live Oak Nest.

DIY French Christmas Tree

Did you see my DIY Fall Pumpkin Topiary post this fall? Well as soon as I made over those urns, I knew I would be doing the same thing for a Christmas tree!

I absolutely LOVE the look of a Christmas tree in an urn. And I love it even more when the urn looks aged and chippy.

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DIY Chippy Paint Finish from Live Oak Nest.
DIY Chippy Paint Finish from Live Oak Nest.

I’ll be using Amy Howard at Home products to achieve this chippy, crackled finish. You will need the following products to recreate this look.

DIY French Christmas Tree Video Tutorial

Watch this video to see how I created this DIY chippy paint finish on my French urns.

DIY French Christmas Tree, DIY Velvet Christmas Trees, Photo Prints Christmas Crafts

DIY Chippy Paint Finish

Following these steps to makeover any of your old or thrifted urns!

  • Start by cleaning your urn with Amy Howard’s Clean Slate. This will help remove old dirt, wax, and oil buildup.
  • Once dry, paint your urn with a solid coat of One Step Paint in Selznick Grey. (In the video I started with the Bauhaus Buff, but in hind site I would skip this step. I originally planned to have a darker finish on top, but decided I liked the lighter white better.)
  • When your first coat of paint is dry, apply an even coat of the Cracked Patina. You will need to water the Cracked Patina down just a little bit with warm water.
  • Allow the Cracked Patina to dry completely. It should not be tacky to the touch. Once dry, start in small sections and apply your second color of paint. In this project, I’m using the Bauhaus Buff as my second color.
  • Working in small sections, apply your paint quickly. Wait a few seconds until you see the cracks starting to appear. Then you can use your hand or a dry chip brush to gently pull back some of that top layer of paint. This will reveal your first layer of paint. Pull the paint sparingly.
  • Once you have painted your entire piece and pulled off the paint to you liking, you can wax the urn once it is completely dry. (If you want more texture, repeat the cracked patina layer and then add another layer of paint.)

DIY French Christmas Tree

I made several of these beautiful DIY French Christmas trees this season. You can put them just about anywhere, and I love the soft elegance they add. It’s a nice option to have and a more feminine look than a basket or the burlap wrapped base.

This particular DIY French Christmas Tree cost me about $10, not including the paint supplies. The urn was a thrift find for $5.99 and the Christmas tree was also a thrift find for $4.99. The Christmas tree did have a bit of an artificial tree smell so I sprayed it down really well with Force Of Nature. It’s the all natural cleaning solution I love that also kills odors!

Once I placed the tree in the urn, I stuffed poly fill all around it to help keep it secure. Then I placed these pretty little mercury glass ornaments all around the top.

Isn’t the texture and detail so pretty? I love how these turned out.

DIY French Christmas Tree, DIY Chippy Paint Finish from Live Oak Nest.
French Country Christmas Decor, DIY French Christmas Tree, DIY Chippy Paint Finish from Live Oak Nest.

DIY Mini French Urn Christmas Tree

I had a few of these little white metal urns and some mini Christmas trees from Hobby Lobby so I decided to put them together!

Start by cutting off the burlap wrapping. Then slip the little tree into the metal urn. For filler, I decided to use white beans on these! They hold the tree in place and I like how they kind of blend in.

DIY Mini French Christmas Tree from Live Oak Nest.
DIY Mini French Christmas Tree from Live Oak Nest.

You could tie a pretty velvet bow around the base to finish it off. These are so cute and so great to add to Christmas vignettes. Tuck them in a bookshelf, or layer them with a few vintage books and ornaments.

This is SO simple, but I wanted to share it with you for inspiration. I think they look so much prettier in the white metal urn than they did with the burlap. What do you think?

Mini Christmas Tree in White Metal Vase from Live Oak Nest.

DIY French Christmas Tree

Do you love these DIY French Christmas trees as much as I do?! I love taking the taller ones and layering them around my larger trees. You can see how they look around the flocked tree in my bedroom in the Instagram reel below!

I’d love for you to say hello down below and let me know what you think! And if we’re not friends over on Facebook or Instagram, what are you waiting for?! ☺️

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Kayla C.

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