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Clean Mama Homekeeping Planner and Homemade Cleaner from Live Oak Nest

How To Keep A Clean House

I’m often asked “How do you keep your house so clean with kids?”, “How do you organize things?”, “Where do you put stuff?!” So today, I want to answer some of those questions for you and share the tips and tricks that I have found that work best for me and my family.

Disclaimer, we are a normal family and we make normal messes. My home is not clean all the time, and not everything is as organized as I’d like! But I am constantly working on things and I think that is what matters. I do a little something each day and it sure makes it easier to keep a handle on things in the long run!

My Two House Rules

Also, I want to share that I have two rules that make a huge difference in our home.

  • We take our shoes off at the door and store them in baskets in our mudroom.
  • We eat our meals at the dining table. We don’t eat food on the couch and the kids drinks or snacks stay in the kitchen.

Those two things alone make a huge difference in how tidy our home stays. I also use a cleaning schedule by Clean Mama that has been a game changer for me. I’ll share more about that below!

I walk through several of my closets and share my favorite tools, methods, and supplies in this youtube video!

How To Keep A Clean House, My Tips, Tools, and Resources For a Tidy Clean Home
The latest on Youtube:

For now, let’s get started by taking a look into some of my main closets. I thought this might be helpful and give you some ideas on how to organize your own space!

Keep A Clean House by Organization

Organizing The Bathroom Closet

I feel like the bathroom closets and drawers can be overwhelming because we tend to just keep adding to these spaces as we try new products, etc. I have really learned over the last few years to constantly be checking my drawers and cleaning through all the beauty products. Is it old? Toss it! Do you use it? No? Toss it or donate it. Don’t hang on to things just for the sake of keeping it.

If you don’t use something or if you forgot you had it and it’s been several months, get rid of it. It is taking up space and making your home cluttered. But worse, it is taking up clutter in your mind! Getting rid of things and really pairing down what you have will do wonders for overwhelm and stress!

Just do one drawer at a time. Ten minutes here and there will make a huge difference over several weeks.

Favorite Organization Products

Get things separated and organized by grouping like items together. I LOVE to use small clear stackable bins for my makeup drawer and hair accessories. (These same bins are in my office drawers!) I also LOVE having lazy susan’s in the bathroom closet so I can still see what I have and I have quick access to what I need.

Bathroom Organization with Lazy Susan from Live Oak Nest

I use larger fabric bins to store washcloths, hand towels, sheets, etc. Some of mine are from the Container Store and some are from Amazon! Also, if you have limited space, look into the Elfa Closet Systems at the Container Store. They have door organizers and they are AWESOME! I have a few and love them!

Elfa Closet System from the Container Store, Bathroom Organization from Live Oak Nest

I love to soak in the bath, so I wanted to have easy access to my epsom salts, magnesium flakes, and baking soda. These plastic gallon jugs are from Amazon and they have been so handy! I simply fill them up every 3-4 weeks and then easily pour what I need into the bath.

For all of my labels, I used these Avery 3×3 waterproof labels and designed them in adobe illustrator. You can easily design them in Word or Canva! I love these because they wipe clean and adhere really well!

Bathroom Organization using Gallon Jugs by Live Oak Nest

Do you have some bathroom organization tips you can share with me? Will you take any of these ideas and incorporate them into your home? You can shop some of my bathroom organization favorites below! Simply click on an image to shop!

Shop my bathroom organization favorites.

Organizing the Pantry

I know you probably love an organized pantry as much as I do! The challenge for my family is keeping it organized. I like to straighten up our pantry while I’m making a grocery list or when I unload all of the new groceries.

How to Keep A Clean House, Pantry Organization from Live Oak Nest

Here are a few of my organization tips for the pantry.

  • group and store like items together (all pasta in a bin, all nuts in a bin, etc)
  • group and store meal prep items together (like taco shells, taco seasoning, salsa, etc)
  • use can stackers and organize cans vertically so you can easily see what you need to add to your grocery list
  • keep like items grouped together on one shelf (vitamins, medicine, wellness all on one shelf, etc.)
  • do a quick straighten either while making a grocery list or while unpacking your groceries
  • make sure to look behind boxes and at the back of shelves where things tend to go to die (haha)
  • label your bins so family members know where things belong
  • stick a lazy susan in the back corners for easy access to items

Shop my favorite pantry organization items.

Hall Closet or Utility Closet Organization

I call this my utility closet and I keep all of our cleaning products, tools, hanging supplies, etc in here. I did not have a closet that I could dedicate solely to items like this in our townhome. So if you don’t have one either, move items like this to the pantry, laundry room, or garage. You can still use the basic principles and similar organization bins wherever you decide to put these items!

How to Keep A Clean House, Utility Closet Hall Closet Organization from Live Oak Nest

I keep touch up paint, extra cleaning products, cleaning tools, etc in my upper bins. In the small stackable drawers I keep little items like command hooks, batteries, hand tools, cleaning cloths, vacuum accessories, etc. In the large stackable drawers on the floor I keep extension cords, flashlights, dusting items, furniture movers, and mop accessories.

On the middle shelf I have a cleaning caddy, my homemade cleaner from Clean Mama, and a few extra cleaning supplies in the lazy susans.

I used the same Avery 3×3 labels to label all of my drawers.

Closet Organization with stackable drawer bins from Live Oak Nest

I used these small snap-lid containers to store command hooks, nails, screws, etc. These little clear containers are so great and are perfect for holding all of the small little items that need to be organized and separated. They also stack perfectly in the stacking drawer bins I use!

I did purchase some battery organizers and I do like them, I just wish they were larger. I needed something that would fit in my stacking drawers and I didn’t want one of those huge things that sorts and tests your batteries. But the ones I did buy are fairly small so they don’t hold a huge package of batteries.

Small Item Organization from Live Oak Nest
Command Hook Organization from Live Oak Nest

How To Keep A Clean House with Cleaning Tools

I started searching for a cleaning method to help me keep a clean house about a year ago. I found a few options and decided to try out two of them.

Keep a Clean House with the Clean Mama Plan

I tried the Passionate Penny Pincher Planner which has a cleaning schedule you follow. And I also tried the Clean Mama Planner and Monthly subscription. I ended up liking the Clean Mama better. I liked her cleaning method and that she focuses mainly on cleaning and organizing and not a bunch of other things.

Clean Mama Homekeeping Planner, How to Keep A Clean House from Live Oak Nest

As I mentioned I purchased her planner, but I have not used it. ha! It includes a regular calendar and meal planning but I am not a paper planner person. I have a reMarkable and I use that to keep up with my calendar and to-do lists. I do like to reference the paper planner for the cleaning schedule and rotating tasks though. Clean Mama also has a monthly subscription with a monthly digital download and it includes a facebook group and daily text messages for the daily tasks.

She also has cleaning products, labels for your homemade cleaner, and cleaning cheat sheets that you can purchase in her online shop! You can sign up for free printables here!

Use my link for a 15% off Clean Mama coupon!

Keep a Clean House with Force of Nature

I started using Force of Nature back at the beginning of the year. It is the perfect cleaner to keep a clean house! I love that it disinfects and sanitizes areas! It kills 99.99% of germs and it is 100% safe and non-toxic. So I can spray it on my kids toys, highchairs, potty, etc and I don’t have to worry about it harming them.

How to Keep a Clean House with Force of Nature from Live Oak Nest

When you purchase a starter kit it comes with everything you need to get started. You make the cleaner at home using tap water and a little capsule of vinegar/salt/ water of solution. You put the tap water and capsule into the Electrolyzer and hit start. Nine minutes later you have a cleaning solution that WORKS and is 100% safe!

The cleaner lasts at full potency for about 14 days. I use it daily and it lasts me right about 14 days before I need to make a new batch! You can literally use it anywhere to clean, sanitize, and disinfect. Spray it on toys, in the shower, on stinking clothes or shoes, etc.

Click the button above to shop and use these codes to save!

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  • Or 40% off bundles with code SAFESUMMER40

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Keep A Clean House with the Shark Upright Cordless Vacuum

On the Clean Mama schedule you check your floors daily and vacuum once a week to help keep a clean house. I have a Dyson that I love but it does not fit into our bathrooms well and it is so heavy to lug around making it hard to do a quick clean up.

The cordless vacuum I had was not great. I wanted a cordless vacuum that stood upright, had a good battery, and strong suction. And I needed one that I could easily zip around the house for quick clean ups. I found the holy grail! haha

How to Keep A Clean House with the Upright Cordless Shark Vacuum from Live Oak Nest

This upright Shark cordless vacuum is so wonderful! I absolutely love it and know you will too!

  • It has attachments
  • The canister disconnects so you can easily vacuum under buffets or couches
  • It is cordless and is easy to charge
  • It stands upright when it’s not in use
  • It is easy to clean
  • The base is narrow so it can fit into tight spaces

If you are in the market for an everyday vacuum, I highly recommend this upright cordless shark vacuum!

Shop my favorite
Shark vacuum!

Do you have some favorite cleaning products or tools that you use?

I’d love for you to say hello down below and let me know what you think! And if we’re not friends over on Facebook or Instagram, what are you waiting for?! ☺️

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Kayla C.

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Some of the brand links I share are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. These links provide me with a small compensation (at no additional cost to you) when you purchase items through my links.

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