Come on over for some Summer decor DIY ideas! You will find beautiful ideas, perfect for decorating your cottage style home.

Cottage Summer Decor Ideas, French Cottage Farmhouse from Live Oak Nest

Summer Decor DIY Ideas

Hi ya’ll! Welcome back to my home. I’ve had some of my friends over on Instagram tell me that they had chilly weather and some even expecting snow! That is not the case here in Texas. I feel like we blew right passed Spring and are well on our way to Summer. We’ve had highs in the high 90s for a few weeks now.

All of that to say, I have packed away most of my bunnies and I’m switching out a few things for the Summer season. I’m planning to stick with neutrals and keep my blues and greens this season. I’ll be sharing a home tour in the coming weeks, but today I wanted to share a few summer decor DIY ideas with you!

Summer Decor DIY Ideas Video

Summer Decor DIY Ideas, Cottage Summer Decor and Summer Crafts Decor

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DIY Summer Candle

Hive and Home was so sweet to send me one of the DIY Candle Kits. Make sure you grab a DIY candle kit for yourself and use the code LIVEOAKNEST20 to save 20% off of your entire order! I had so much fun doing this little project. It is such a quick and easy way to create something beautiful for your home!

Grab a DIY Candle Kit

Save 20% with the code LIVEOAKNEST20

I love the small wooden dough bowl as the vessel, and when I burn this candle all the way down I can simply order another refill kit! And don’t worry about this wooden bowl catching fire, it has an eco-friendly fire retardant applied to it.

They use 100% Soy Wax that is made in the USA. The fragrance oil for each candle is made with clean, non-toxic ingredients, and mixed with essential oils. This creates the cleanest and safest burn in your home. The candle will also smell great and spread throughout the room even when it’s not lit and burning!

And if you don’t want to refill your dough bowl when it’s empty, you can use it in your home for decor!

DIY Candle Kit from Hive & Home, Summer Craft Ideas from Live Oak Nest
Summer Decor DIY Ideas, DIY Candle, DIY Mini Art Frame from Live Oak Nest,

DIY Summer Garden Journal

We recently redid our front flower bed and I wanted a journal to keep all of the flower bed markers so I could look back on when something was planted and how to best care for it! I have been wanting to try working with resin for a little while, so I thought this notebook kit from A Maker’s Studio was the perfect opportunity!

I really enjoyed making this dried floral resin journal cover! The resin was actually easy to work with, but I did make a few mistakes and picked some tips up along the way.

DIY Summer Garden Journal, Resin Journal Cover, Dried Floral Resin Journal, A Maker's Studio Resin, Summer Crafts Decor from Live Oak Nest

Working with Resin Tips

  • When mixing the 2 parts, make sure to pour the mixture down the side of the cup instead of directly into the middle. This will help minimize bubbles.
  • You need to thoroughly stir the 2 parts together for three minutes. But make sure you stir slow and steady and in the same direction. I mixed mine up like I was whipping up pancake batter and I ended up with about 2 million bubbles. ha! You can use a heat gun and pass it over the resin to help pop some of the bubbles.
  • You have about 20 minutes to arrange your elements, so lay things out beforehand so you know where you want them to go.
  • Leave the resin on a flat surface to cure! Curing can take anywhere from 10-24 hours. We keep our home pretty chilly, so this particular project took around 48 hours to fully harden.

Grab a Resin Notebook Kit

I’m really excited to make another one of these and I really think after a few projects I’ll have a method down! Have you worked with resin before? If so I’d love to know what you made!

Summer Decor DIY Mini Framed Art Pieces

I have been wanting to use these Iron Orchid Design Frame Moulds for a while now! I love these and the opportunities are just endless really!

Cottage Summer Decor, Summer Decor DIY Ideas, Mini Framed Art DIY from Live Oak Nest

Country Lane Living graciously offered to send me some of their fine art digital downloads and I used them in this project! Click here to shop their digital fine art downloads and use the code BUY3GET1FREE for a free art download!

Shop Fine Art Digital Downloads

Use code BUY3GET1FREE for one free digital art piece.

If you haven’t worked with paper clay before, add it to your list! It is one of my favorite mediums to work with! These IOD mould frames are beautiful and the detailing is simply amazing.

There are so many ways to use these also. Here are a few ways that I thought of and I plan on making some of these too!

  • framed photo magnets
  • plant markers
  • door hangers
  • wreath accents
  • gift tags
  • ornaments
  • bookmarks
Summer Decor, Cloche Decor, Indoor Plants, French Cottage Farmhouse from Live Oak Nest
Indoor Plants, Styling Indoor Plants, Cloche Decor, Mini Framed Art, French Cottage Farmhouse Summer Decor from Live Oak Nest
Mini Framed Art, Iron Orchid Design Frame Moulds, Country Lane Living Fine Art Download, Summer Vignette from Live Oak Nest
Summer Decor DIY Ideas, French Cottage Farmhouse, Fine Art Digital Downloads, Silicone Frame Mould, from Live Oak Nest
Summer Vignette from Live Oak Nest
Summer Decor DIY Ideas, Summer Vignette, Decorating with Blues and Greens, Neutral Summer Decor, French Cottage Farmhouse from Live Oak Nest

I also wanted to share that when you purchase a fine art digital download from Country Lane Living you will receive the image in several sizes and resolutions! So you can print them really small to use in mini frames like the ones I made here or you can have them printed much larger for wall art.

This fine art digital download, Hillside and Landscape Scenery, is SO pretty. I just love this painting so I had it printed at Office Depot on 11×17 paper. Then I trimmed it down to 11×14 and placed it inside this frame. It was less than a dollar to have it printed this way. You can also order larger poster prints, which will cost anywhere between $10 – $30.

French Farmhouse Style, Summer Decor, Summer Vignette, Dough Bowl Candle, Hive & Home DIY Candle Kit, Country Lane Living Fine Art Download, Cottage Summer Decor from Live Oak Nest
Country Lane Living Fine Art Digital Download, Rustic Wood Frame from Weathered Wood Home, French Cottage Farmhouse from Live Oak Nest

Do you have a favorite project from today? I don’t know if I could pick because I really loved each one! I hope you enjoyed the blog post and video tutorials.

I’d love for you to say hello down below and let me know what you think! And if we’re not friends over on Facebook or Instagram, what are you waiting for?! ☺️

Are you on Pinterest? Come follow along for more French cottage inspiration!

Kayla C.

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