Word of the Year Tablescape

Word of the year, one little word, one word tablescape with scrabble tiles and antique typewriter from Live Oak Nest www.liveoaknest.com

Hello! I hope you’re having a good week! Today, I’m sharing a fun way to start 2021 off using your “word of the year”, sometimes referred to as your one little word! This one word themed tablescape is perfect for getting together with friends and family to share your word and be encouraged for the year ahead! You’ll also find a free printable and more ideas on how to keep your one word front and center all year long at the end of this post.

One Little Word Ideas
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Word of the Year Tablescape plus Free Printable from Live Oak Nest www.liveoaknest.com

Word Of The Year Tablescape

Welcome to the cutest one word tablescape you ever did see! I used all things letters and words in this fun tablescape and I love how it came together!

My table runner is made up of layered book pages and it drapes over either end of the table. I used an antique typewriter to anchor my centerpiece, and framed it with vintage books and beautiful blooms! Each place setting includes a mini clip board with an oversize paper tag for crafting, and a scrabble rack + tiles to spell out your one word! I’ve nestled extra tiles into vintage gravy boats for added charm.

One Word of the Year with Live Oak Nest

Wouldn’t this be such a fun way to get together with family and friends to share your word with one another? I think it would be such a great way to encourage one another and help hold each other accountable for the year ahead.

If you want to recreate this look for your own get-together, here is what you’ll need.

Write Your Story Antique Typewriter One Little Word from Live Oak Nest www.liveoaknest.com
Hydrangea and Eucalyptus floral arrangement with paper banner from Live Oak Nest www.liveoaknest.com


  • Vintage Typewriter (Check Facebook Marketplace, thrift and antique stores.)
  • Vintage Books (Clean off your bookshelves or pick up a few used books from the thrift store.)
  • Floral Arrangement (Purchase fresh stems from your local grocery store. To add the small paper banner, cut your flags from out of an old book page and string them up between 2 wooden dowels.)
Word of the Year Scrabble Letters and Tablescape from Live Oak Nest www.liveoaknest.com
Book Page Table Runner from Live Oak Nest www.liveoaknest.com

Book Page Table Runner:

  • Kraft or Butcher Paper (Trim to desired width and length.)
  • Old book pages (Tear pages out of an old book. You will probably need a chapter or two worth of pages.)
  • Double Sided Tape (You could also use a glue stick, but the tape was quick and worked great!)
  • To assemble the book page table runner, simply start taping your book pages to your kraft paper. Continue overlapping them until it is full and you like how it looks!)
One Little Word Table Place Setting from Live Oak Nest www.liveoaknest.com
Mini Tim Holtz Clipboards and Word Charms at a Word of the Year Tablescape from Live Oak Nest www.liveoaknest.com

One Little Word Place Setting:

  • Chargers (My white ones are from Pier One, but I’ve linked similar ones down below.)
  • White Plates (Check thrift stores for white plates. You can mix and match patterns and they never go out of style!)
  • Hand towel or Napkins (I used this charcoal grid linen tea towel at each place setting! It is SO CUTE!)
  • Small paperback book (Check Goodwill or the Salvation Army. When you find the right size, you’ll simply tear the cover off to reveal the raw spine and book pages.)
  • Miniature Clip Board (I used these Tim Holtz brand clipboards.)
  • Oversized Paper Tags (Stamp a phrase at the bottom of each tag or download this free printable that includes the oversized tags and a small word search full of uplifting words.)
  • Muslin Ribbon (You can use any ribbon you have on hand. I used muslin fabric and tore strips to make my ribbon.)
  • Metal Word Charms (Thread your charms through the ribbon and tie them around the clipboards.)
  • Scrabble Rack + Tiles (Place extra tiles in shallow bowls or gravy boats.)
  • Bud Vase Place Card Holder (I used these and stamped a different word for each place setting.)
Word of the Year Book Stack from Live Oak Nest www.liveoaknest.com
Scrabble Letter Decor and Book Stack from Live Oak Nest www.liveoaknest.com

Buffet Table:

For my buffet table I simply stacked a bunch of old books, added some fresh florals, and then layered in a few little book page and letter elements.

If you put together a similar tablescape, I’d sure love to see it! Tag me on Facebook or Instagram to share!

Now, let’s move on to keeping your word front and center all year long.

Make Your One Word Visible:

Have you picked your one little word, and now you’re looking for more ideas on how to make it stick all year? To do that, you need to make it visible! Put it where you can see it everyday so that it stays top-of-mind. Here are several ways to do that!

  • Frame it!
    • Type it up, print it out, and put it in a frame.
    • Use ink and stamps to stamp it onto some scrapbook paper, and frame it.
  • Paint it!
    • Use a cricut to cut out a stencil of your word and paint it onto wood or canvas.
    • Adhere it on wood or canvas with vinyl cut from your cutting machine.
    • Use vinyl or stamps to create a book stack with your word.
  • Wear it!
    • Stamp it onto an old spoon or metal charm and wear it as a necklace or bracelet. You can also order something custom from a maker on Etsy!
  • Journal it!
    • Jot down the definition of your word and include inspirational quotes and phrases that relate to it. Look up bible verses that relate to the word you’ve chosen and include those in your journal.

What’s your word of the year for 2021? I’d love for you to say hello down below! And it we’re not friends over on Facebook or Instagram, what are you waiting for! 😉

I’d love for you to come on back over next week to see my own take on a JOY JAR!

Kayla C.

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