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DIY Fall Swags, Dried Wheat Stem Swag from Live Oak Nest

DIY Fall Swags

I’m in full Fall mode over here and I have a simple, easy, and beautiful fall swag to share with you today! If you’ve been following me for a while you know I like to change up the decor above our bed with the seasons. I made wooden art piece featuring a leaping bunny for Spring…it was so cute!

The old ledge that I keep above the headboard, as shown above, is long and narrow, so I tend to keep with a similar shape only smaller when I decorate above it. I didn’t really want to make another wood sign so I decided to bring in some dried florals and stems with a DIY Fall Swag.

Looking around at my local craft stores, I didn’t really see one that I loved that would go with my fall decor. The fall touches in my bedroom are all very neutral this year with mainly brown, white, cream, and greige colors. There were only a few horizontal swags in stores but overall they were pretty expensive.

So I picked up a grapevine swag starter at Hobby Lobby and then gathered my dried florals and stems. Most of my dried stems I already had on hand, but you can pick up almost everything at your local craft store. I’ll link to some online as well. The dried tallow berries I purchased on Etsy a few years ago and I use them each fall season.

DIY Fall Swags, Dried Wheat, Dried Floral Stem Swag, DIY Fall Wall Decor from Live Oak Nest

For this DIY Fall Swag you will need the following:

  • grapevine swag starter
  • dried wheat
  • bunny tails
  • faux white berries
  • dried tallow berries
  • twine
  • ribbon of choice
  • wire for hanging

DIY Fall Swags Video Tutorial

DIY Fall Swags Neutral Fall Decor Swag Above Bed, French Cottage Decor

DIY Fall Swags

Step One:

Start by laying your wheat stems across your grapevine starter to see how long you want them to hang off on either side. Then cut off the excess from the bottom of each stem. I probably cut about six inches off the bottom of the wheat steams.

Step Two:

Next, grab about six or so stems at a time and alternate the direction they lay on the grapevine starter. Keep stacking, alternating direction, until you have a nice full base of dried wheat.

Step Three:

Now you will want to secure your wheat to the grapevine base with twine. I simply wrapped my twine around the wheat and grapevine swag and then tied it in a tight knot. Once secure, you can will be able to easily handle the base and continue building up the swag.

Step Four:

Add on the larger white berries and then layer on the bunny tails. I had my bunny tails trimmed in varying lengths so that they tapered in towards the center. I added in a few of the tallow berries on top of the bunny tails just inching my way in towards the center with each layer. Make sure you keep the end of all the stems gathered together in the center of the swag.

Fall Swag with dried stems, neutral fall decor, diy wall decor from Live Oak Nest

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Step Five:

Once you have all of your dried florals and stems arranged to your liking, secure everything in place with twine. (You could also use zip ties or cable ties if you have them on hand.) Once secure you can cut a piece of your ribbon and hot glue it around the center of the swag.

Step Six:

Finally, tie a knot or a bow with a long piece of ribbon and then hot glue it to the center of the swag. Then flip over your swag and thread a small piece of wire through the back and under the ribbon. Twist the wire ends together to make a loop. This is what you will use to hang on the swag on the wall.

I tacked a small nail into the wall and hung my swag that way. You can hang this above a door frame, over a headboard, or even on top of a mirror. I think these add such a pretty, seasonal touch!

French Cottage Fall Bedroom, Above Bed DIY Fall Swag, Neutral Fall Decor from Live Oak Nest

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DIY Fall Swags, Neutral Fall Decor, Above Bed Decor, DIY Fall Decorations, Fall Inspiration from Live Oak Nest
Neutral Fall Decor, Fall Bedroom Decor, Above Bed Decor, DIY Fall Swags, French Country Fall Decor from Live Oak Nest

DIY Fall Swags

There are so many ways to make this your own and have it compliment your own fall decor. You can add in traditional fall colors and berries, or even some dried fruit. Dried orange slices or limes would be so pretty added in.

You could also take these same dried florals and turn it into a wreath if you don’t have a great place for a horizontal swag. I think the florals I used in my DIY Fall Swag would be gorgeous in a wreath.

I typically prefer wreaths over a swag but I really do love how this one came together. It brings in the added texture with the dried florals and I think visually its a great fit for over our bed.

I’d love for you to say hello down below and let me know what you think! And if we’re not friends over on Facebook or Instagram, what are you waiting for?! ☺️

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Kayla C.

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